Doing a degree, especially at Oxford, can sometimes be a stressful experience and so there is lots of support available should you feel you need it. The Welfare provision at Regent’s is second to none and there is a very committed team ready to help you out. Not only does our small community try to make everyone feel welcome, but there are also a number of more formal welfare provisions.

JCR Welfare provision on its most informal level occurs at the weekly ‘über brew’ on Sundays, where the JCR pays for chocolate, cake, sweets, etc – a great chance to catch up with everyone and indulge, whilst also always having a member of the welfare team there to talk to if you need to. The Men’s, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality and Visiting Students Officers also all organise a separate social event each term such as a pizza evening, tie dye, cream tea or similar, paid for by the JCR, with the aim of bringing people together and getting to know each other better.

Another port of call is Gemma (our welfare information officer), who you can speak to in total confidence about anything which is troubling you. As a peer supporter, she has received 30hrs training from the counselling services, and is someone who can listen to you and direct you to further support in or out of college should you need or want it. Alternatively, you can speak to another peer supporter if you want to talk about anything in confidence. The Men’s, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality and Visiting Students Officers can also provide you with Welfare supplies provided free by the JCR. These include: condoms, lube, panic alarms, pregnancy tests and dental dams. There are also free sanitary products provided in bathrooms throughout College.

If you would like to speak with someone outside the JCR, then there are the Junior Deans, (we have a new team this year so you will be introduced to them and given relevant contact details during Fresher’s Week!). The Junior Deans are part of the Senior Welfare Team and provide pastoral support to students. They live on site and so are a good first port of call in emergencies, especially out of office hours (11pm-7am on weeknights and on Saturdays and Sundays). They are a good point of contact if you don’t want to immediately go see a senior member of staff and they too will be able to direct you to relevant sources of support.

On a more formal level, there are a number of authorities in college who you can contact if you have a more serious issue – these range from the Chaplain (Myra Blyth), who is in charge of student welfare and is always there to listen to any matter of concern, regardless of whether you have a religious affiliation or not. You can also contact the Dean (Nick Wood) who is in charge of student discipline and is happy to listen to any concerns you have, and to help you navigate support networks. Our Women’s and Harassment Officer (Lynn Robson) is available to chat to anyone about issues relating to behaviours that concerns you both inside and outside of college. As Women’s Officer, Lynn is here to support all female cisgender and transgender members of college who wish to speak to her.

Within the wider university, there is an excellent counselling service available for students, a Nightline listening phone service and a Student Union welfare officer (you will hear more about these and other sources of support when you arrive!).