William Robinson

Hi, my name is Will and I’m in my second year of reading Theology and Religion. My job as JCR President is essentially to represent the undergraduate student body to College, and to the wider University via the JCR Presidents of the other colleges, the central governance of the University (such as the Proctors), and with representatives from the Student Union, and to advocate for the interests of Regent’s students generally, which might mean making a fuss at a Fellow’s Meeting, or writing about a problem our students have in the student press. Generally though, this means a lot of meetings and I am involved with the running and administration of Admissions, Welfare, Academics and Development (among plenty of other more boring things) in Regent’s through the various committees that I sit on.

Aside from that, I am responsible for the day-to-day administration of the JCR itself, which means managing an executive and a non-executive committee, and through this we are entirely responsible for our own budgets, organising JCR meetings, organising socials and bops, administering welfare to the student body, and running our bar.

Essentially the President’s job is to keep everything running smoothly in term for Regent’s students, and to try and make it the best college it can be at any opportunity!