Rowing (RPCBC)

Rowing is a big part of the Regent’s Park community. We currently have one men’s and one women’s team of eight rowers, plus a cox, entering both the Torpids and Summer VIIIs regattas each year at the end of Hilary and Trinity terms, respectively. These are what’s known as ‘bumps’ races in which all crews line up along the river and you have to catch the boat in front of you before the boat behind catches you. This is a lot of fun and involve the whole university. We’ve been successful in both regattas this year, really putting Regent’s on the wider university rowing scene, holding our own against many of the bigger colleges. We also compete at external regattas, having done very well in Wallingford and Bedford head races this year, coming 27th out of 207 teams at Bedford.

In terms of its benefits, rowing is a fantastic way to keep fit with usually four training sessions per week on the water, plus one or two on the rowing machines (ERGs). However, rowing is also a brilliant social opportunity and I have made good friends across all three years as well as postgraduates. We have social events for boat club members such as termly meals and a yearly rowing formal in hall. It is wonderful to be involved in such a tight-knit team who really care for each other, something which is also a feature of the Regent’s community more generally. Rowing has also been really good for teaching me how to manage my time effectively, fostering a disciplined mind set which is fundamental for academic success.

You need absolutely no experience to get involved with rowing at Regent’s, just enthusiasm! I started as a complete novice in my first year, then went on to captain the men’s boat in my second year, now finishing my time at Regent’s as President of the boat club. I would encourage as many people as possible to give it a go as I’ve had so much fun being involved throughout my time here.

Sam Woor

Regent’s Park College Boat Club President