Sport at Regent’s

Despite being a small college, the sporting life of Regent’s is definitely one of the highlights. Just this year we’ve had successes in our major sports of Football, Netball, and Rowing, and all people involved have shown a real commitment and passion that belies our size. To quote a netball player from Teddy Hall in our most recent mixed cuppers; “Regent’s are… surprisingly good.”

We’ve had people participating in sport at an incredibly high level, and with an incredibly diverse range. People have played at university level in everything from Eton Fives to Sailing to Netball, so literally nothing is out of reach here! We’ve been working really hard to forge connections with other colleges as well, in order to give everyone more access to different levels of sport. This year, we’ve had people playing football with Balliol in Michaelmas and Hilary, and cricket with Somerville in Trinity.

Since taking over as JCR Sports Rep, I have been working hard to increase the profile of sports even more in the college. We don’t have the same facilities as many of the larger colleges, but thanks to new initiatives from OUSU and the Sports Federation, we are moving towards a more equal playing field – if you’ll excuse the pun – with regards to access to facilities and the sharing of resources. If you have any inquiries about any aspect of sport, be it “blues” and how they work, playing a sport that Regent’s doesn’t offer, or even just a general chat about any matches you’ve seen recently, I’m always happy to have a natter about sports!

Maddie Duperouzel

JCR Sports Representative