Social Life at Regent’s

Though you’ll be expected to work hard at Oxford, Regent’s provides plenty of opportunities for socialising, and as anyone here can confirm, we’re a fun loving bunch.

At the most basic level, social life here revolves around the JCR. During the day you’ll often find people hanging out here, taking a break from work, especially around 11am and 4pm on weekdays, when the JCR provides brew (coffee/tea plus biscuits). You’ll be likely to find someone willing to have a match of darts or table football with, play some table tennis with or simply to talk to. In the evenings the bar room often acts as the social hub, with people preparing for a night out, or simply huddled round the TV or the quiz machine.

The main aspect of social life at Regent’s comes in the form of the Friday socials, held every week after Formal Hall. After a three course candlelit dinner in the hall accompanied with wine, students and their guests are invited up into the JCR, which prior to the evening will have been decorated by the Social Secretary and their Social Committee. This year, for example, socials have included Wine Tasting, Karaoke, a Eurovision party, and a chocolate fountain. Once a term there is also a social to raise money for charity, for example a casino, comedy night, or promise auction. Socials are a real focal point for all years to come together and socialise over extra (free!) food, drinks, and activities. People also tend to go out afterwards. There might also be socials during the week, such as Easter egg hunts, or wine/Pimms before Formal.

In the first and last week of every term, the post-formal entertainment is a Bop. Like socials, everyone gathers in the JCR, where there is a dancefloor and music, and the bar stays open for an extra hour. Each Bop is themed and people don costumes for them: previous themes have included ‘The 90’s’, ‘Fantasy Bop’, and ‘Outer Space’, whilst every Michaelmas there are ‘Halloween’ and ‘Christmas’ bops. The first bop of the upcoming term is ‘When I grow up’, so start thinking of costume ideas!

The main event of the social calendar is the Final Fling, Regent’s Park’s own ball. At the end of Trinity term, this is Oxford’s cheapest ball as well as one of the most fun. The theme of the Fling varies every year, with the 2017 theme being ‘The Alchemist’s Ball.’ Anyone who has been to one of these balls can confirm how good they are, and most of all, as students at Regent’s, you’ll get early access before the tickets go on sale to the wider university.

In addition to all this information, we’d recommend you learn the lyrics to Parklife by Blur, and Gold by Spandau Ballet – you’ll soon find out why.