A Week at Regent’s

1st Week, MT 2017

Hi all!

It has been another great week for Regent’s JCR! The usual activities ticked on with daily brew, a wonderful Chocolate, Champagne and Cheese social run by social sec Holly Kelsey and the weekly netball and football matches- the netball team sadly lost but the boys managed to draw against St Hughs.  Not only this, but our freshers had their matriculation ceremony on Saturday, looking great in their subfusc as they filed into the Sheldonian for their inauguration into the university. Hopefully everyone is now settling into their routines after the excitement of freshers and looking forward to second week. Sorry this is a short one- it has been a pretty quiet week otherwise!



0th Week, MT 2017

Hello! Welcome to this exciting new feature of the Regent’s website! I will be blogging and updating you all on the exciting activities from within our JCR every week.

The most important element of 0th week was the arrival of a new cohort of first years. The fresher’s week committee worked tirelessly to integrate the 37 new faces, with ice-cream trips, club excursions, college family meals, and a ‘When I grow Up’ themed bop. Particular thanks goes to the organisers, Gemma and Ellie who secured a very generous sponsor and invited them for a networking dinner on the Friday which was well attended and turned out to be a really enjoyable evening for all members of college.

I would also like to thank the committee. It was brilliant to see the Regent’s community come together and display all of its various talents- running excellent drinking games, organising sports teams and being so generally, helpful and welcoming. I was particularly proud to see our wonderful CRAE facilitators deliver such excellent and informative workshop on issues of race and equality in Oxford.

All in all, the week was a great success and incredibly enjoyable. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of the Oxford routine this week and hope that first week goes well for all!

Best, Ella x