Areas in college

The JCR is a comfortable room adorned with the rowing team’s trophy blades from previous years. It is the social hub of the college, and where most of the social events (and procrastination) happen – from brew (biscuits and tea) at 11am and 4pm, to social events after Formal Hall on Fridays. There is also a newly installed coffee machine where you can get free hot drinks at all times of the day! We have a brand-new dart board and a table tennis table in the JCR too.
The Quad
Our beautiful quad comes into bloom in Trinity (summer) term, when we’re allowed to walk, sit and play on the grass. When the sun is out you’ll often find plenty of people chatting or working on the quad! It is the home of Emmanuelle, our college tortoise, and the venue for many a croquet match. It’s the only main quadrangle in the university to have trees planted on it, and these flower in the summer along with the ivy on the wall of Main Block. There are smaller quadrangles outside Balding Block and Gould Block, respectively.
The Bar
Run entirely by students, our bar is the cheapest watering hole in Oxford, with a pint of beer costing a mere £1.50, and any spirit and mixer priced at only £1. Open every night from 7:30pm until 11pm, it’s the centre for pre-drinks, or for bringing guests to for a quiet pint. Alongside alcohol, it also stocks soft drinks and snacks. The bar is run by a Bar Committee under the direction of the Bar Manager, who are all elected in Michaelmas (autumn) term. The college drinks, the ‘Mind-eraser’, ‘Leg Breaker’ and the ‘Berg’ series are a must. The room itself also includes a game machine, a TV and a Wii (where many intense Mario-Kart competitions take place).
The Library
Unfortunately, we all have to do our work as well as have fun. This is where the Regent’s Library comes in. We have three libraries on site but the biggest is the main library (pictured). This is where most people do their work, as it is well-stocked with most of the books you’ll need for your first year, especially if you’re studying Theology or Philosophy. That said, make sure you go and explore all the other libraries Oxford has to offer – there are more libraries per square foot in Oxford than anywhere else in the world, so you’ll always be able to find a book you need!
Hall right size
The venue for meals and a number of other events, such as the college pantomime, Helwys Hall is a large 1930s building adorned with portraits of individuals from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries connected with the college, along with portraits and names of all the Principals. On one side of the hall are two-story glass windows looking out onto the quad and the ceiling is clad in Canadian pine. Lunch is served here at 12:30pm, and dinner at 6:30pm, from Monday-Friday, with Formal Hall (gowns, High Table and a special grace) on Friday evenings. Speaking in Latin or talking about the portraits in the Hall used to mean you risked a ‘bathing’ – being thrown in a cold bath – but now you only risk a rather dull conversation.
The Chapel is a peaceful space in college where all are welcome, of all faiths and none. Like most of the other colleges in Oxford, we have regular services especially for the college community (every Friday at 5.45pm, before formal hall), led by members of all common rooms. Our choir sing the anthem at each service, with repertoire ranging from Gregorian plainchant to contemporary gospel music, and everything in between! For more information about the college choir, have a look at the ‘Life at Regent’s’ section of the website.