Welcome to Regent’s Park College, Oxford University’s best kept secret! We are the Junior Common Room (JCR), the undergraduate body at Regent’s.

While perhaps not the best known college in Oxford, our standing within the wider university is certainly on the rise. Our small body of students constantly punches above its weight, and in recent years has boasted stars in student sports, drama, politics and journalism to name just a few areas. Meanwhile, we have some of the best tutors the university has to offer, with several having won teaching awards in recent years. In short, Regent’s is a fantastic place to study and a great place to get involved in extra curriculars.

This website is is brought to you by the JCR. It aims to familiarise you with Regent’s, and give you a flavour of daily life here. However, it’s almost impossible to cover everything, so if there are any questions you might have that remain unanswered, do get in touch! You can reach out to us on Twitter (@regentsoxford), Facebook (Regent’s Park College), or email us here.

We look forward to meeting you!